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Apr 30 '18 at 13:46


Greg Lumb
Found this hotel/casino via Priceline and booked it for a great price. Room was very clean, nice sized. The place is huge and largely empty. Lots of repair going on since I understand a flood occurred. Getting to the casino from the hotel is quite a walk. A shuttle can assist, but I didn't see it coming back and forth to often. The casino itself is on multiple floors, and if I hadn't asked someone about blackjack tables I wouldn't found my preferred game. While the tables on the first floor were all shut down, tables were going on the second floor. No signs stating that was the case. I guess high stakes were on the third floor but that was only from what somebody said. No real buzz happening in the casino, blackjack payed 6:5. So not the best. Overall, clean good time. Just not much sizzle.