The Lava Lounge
Restaurant @ Monticello Casino and Raceway
"Asha Pope"
I just moved into these apartments the end of May and my electricity has went out three times; I've barely been here a month. I'm not sure what the issue is; even my neighbors say that the electricity goes out often. I'm not sure what maintenance is doing to rectify the issue, but it's way too hot for this. I have to call maintenance each time and they have to come reset some box. The last guy said that my box is super old and needs to be replaced. So what is the problem? I have a small child and we both have asthma. I was loving this place, but I'm over this already. Also, maintenance had the nerve to ask me what I was doing to make the lights go off AND why does it only happen when they're closed. Seriously? Maybe because I'm an adult that works 8-5 and I use the air and electricity after work? Just maybe? Unprofessional.