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May 1 '18 at 4:14

The Home Plate

Exceptionally nice employees. But lousy video poker -- you will lose, and fast. Video poker house hold must be 10-15% which is ILLEGAL. I would recommend keeping your money in your pocket or it will vanish, quickly, in this place, although the slots seem better than most places. Food selections are "OK" and the little cafe has some hit and miss Sysco-fare. Some good, some not so great, and not particularly healthy at all. Casino is older and needs an update probably, but I don't mind the way it is now. Promos, comps are pretty average -- not good or great, or bad. Video poker is cancer, though, and will crush your soul -- stay away from it -- definitely using rigged chips to prevent payouts, Royals, four of a kinds. Owners should be in prison.