Slice Slice
Restaurant @ Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa
"Jason Pendergraft"
Probably the best total casino experience in Tulsa. Their player rewards are better than Osage (for now) and a lot better than river spirit. They try to accommodate smokers and non-smokers, but in doing so they screw up both. The non-smoking area is in the middle of the casino, and the only direct entrance is the least convenient of the facility. All of the more popular entrances, including the valet, make you walk through the smoking sections to get to non-smoking. Once there, they have probably the best non-smoking section of any area casino. Then on the hotel side, they do not offer ANY smoking rooms, nor do they have any designated smoking areas on each floor. Smokers must leave their room, go downstairs and go to a smoking section of the gaming floor. The air handlers in the smoking sections do not work very well, either (the one thing River Spirit is best at). Overall, though, I find the overall experience best in Tulsa.