Timbers Buffet Timbers Buffet
Restaurant @ Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs
Terrible. horrible horrible valet. They did 100mph bringing our car back and almost ran over my family. Didn't even care after we waited an hour!!! I asked several times about the free for handicapped as well and wouldn't do it made us pay the $6!! I have it on tape the valet situation the guy in front of us they drove even faster and the owner nearly decked the guy and he was a complete rude snot. The 80 in food buffet for mothers day was all cold and terrible and completely rude employees! Didn't win a dime and we spent 500. It didn't use to be like this. Then got ripped off in the clothing store. Said 50 percent off earrings and got charged full price. Didn't realize until I bought them and they told me no returns for 50 earrings. Just terrible.