Homestretch Dining Room Homestretch Dining Room
Restaurant @ Turfway Park
"Mark Stoltz"
A nice thoroughbred racing track with lots of indoor seating. Turfway only has a single track with a synthetic surface. One of the most annoying things at Turfway is the drug addicted cigarette smokers are allowed to smoke indoors. The stench was rampant especially on the bottom floor. Everywhere you went indoors, the addicts were shamelessly smoking up the areas as if no one had the right to breath fresh air. The food selection left a lot to be desired. They basically have hot dog type meals with chips or soft pretzels. The food lines were long and I spent over 20 minutes standing in line to buy junk food. I two soft pretzels I bought were tough and stale. Because there were plenty of adult beverage concession stands, there were no long waits for beer. I'll be back for winter thoroughbred horse racing, but will eat BEFORE I go.