Calypso's Buffet Calypso's Buffet
Restaurant @ Isle Casino Hotel - Bettendorf
"Fritz Oldenburg"
I saw that this place had a 2.8 star rating, in my opinion that is twice what it should be. I would never waste money on that food or service again. Roast beef is supposed to be hot, chicken is supposed to be hot, ham and prime rib is supposed to be hot, clam boil is supposed to be hot. I've seen daddy long legs with bigger legs than what they were calling crab legs and they were also cold. When I mentioned to the server/waitress my disappointment in the whole thing she replied with "that's how it always is" as she was walking away to replace the glass of water she brought with the glass of root beer that I asked for. I know that I will never cross the threshold of the FARMERS PICK BUFFET again. No farmer would ever pick that slop and claim it as his.