Restaurant @ Thomson Cruises - Thomson Dream
"Edward Siaotong"
Iron Art only hires undocumented immigrants who accept brutally low wages. Orion employees are afraid to fight back and have no other job opportunities or prospects and the owners Atul and Sunil Patel know this as they prefer to hire unqualified, uneducated people who come cheap. Atul is the president and let me tell you the kind of man he is there has been numerous occasions he displayed no emotion when hearing of his employees family members dying or when bad news came he shrugged it off, he is a heartless man. Sunil Patel is the CEO and he is never around and when present micromanages every little thing. When I worked at this company there was a new system every week he has no clue as to how to run a company and all his success as come from cutthroat practices and luck. Read up on him if you do not believe me. When you order from ORION you are supporting illegal immigration and the items are all imported from China. Made in the USA, yeah right. The employees send all their money to Mexico and EL Salvador and every time you purchase from them you are hurting the US economy. Iron Art will not hire qualified people or citizens because then they wouldn't be able to push them around or pay them pennies on the dollar. People who have worked at orion for over 20 years have only one week vacation. Doesn't that tell you everything you need to know?