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Restaurant @ Seabourn Cruise Line - Seabourn Legend
"Jenae Lien"
Put your name on the list if it’s full! Came in at 1:15PM Easter Sunday and waited 35 minutes for a table for 2. They will not seat guests with parties of +8. Brunch is from 9-3, they have daily specials and a different pancake-of-the-day. Bar tender made my old fashioned with a real cube of sugar and the most beautifully spiraled piece of orange. We got the pancakes - orange with orange blossom honey - a side of scrambled eggs, The Seattle Slam (2 eggs 2 sausage/bacon pieces and 2 pancake) - swap those pancakes for French Toast, $3. Real maple syrup here - thank you!! Everything thing here is top notch. Play around with the sauces on the table. Black is vinegary and super spicy, like wasabi hot - just for a second. Green is mild salsa. Red is ketchup. Pink is jam. I like to mix the green and black together. Homey, cozy feels. All the people who work here have wonderful energies. You can split checks here. Our total was $63. It would have been around $30 with no drinks but what’s the fun in that?