Fairbanks Steakhouse
Restaurant @ Hollywood Casino - Tunica
"Jose Rico"
It should have received a 2-star but, The GOOD... The waiter Kenny...awesome...waited to make sure the food was to my enjoyment before leaving, honest, great waiter for the style of restaurant. He should give classes and tips to other waiters. The ambiance was old-time elegance with Chicago style, dimmed lights, wood-grain setting with shinny decor, and a fire place... great for a date. The wine selection had a good price point and type variety. The lady sitting next to me said the steak she had was, "oh my gosh". My potatoes and broccolini were pretty tasty. But, I did not order steak, The BAD... the price not such of an issue if you understand these places separately price and up-charge entrees and vegetables. Maybe a bit overpriced, but it's inside a casino - what do you expect. I had the Halibut... texture like I was biting into rubber with no seasoning and a terrible garnish. I re-ordered the Seabass that I thought was a big chunk of white breast fried chicken... maybe they pan-seared it and gave me a larger than normal piece. Both entrees were terrible and I ask for it to-go because I did not want to be rude and leave the entire piece of fish on the table. I will say that they did a good job of attempting to satisfy, but I was done after the second try. And no, I did not get my money back if you were thinking that, and I gave the awesome waiter a tip. Suggestion: light seasoning and choose a different style of cooking the fish.