Scott Thompson
Casino Royale - St Maarten Casino Royale - St Maarten
Maho Bay
"Scott Thompson"
What I liked about this place....I liked the location and the fact that it was next door to the Venetian which is where the conference I was in town for was being. I liked that they didn't charge to park. They are located right in the middle of the strip and it was very easy to walk anywhere that I wanted. What I didn't like....I didn't like the bed as it was hard as a rock and I barely slept while there for my entire trip. If I was just there for a night or two then no big deal but when I stayed for an entire week, that meant that by the end of the week I was very uncomfortable and actually in physical pain. The casino was horrible because it smelled like I was in an ashtray. They obviously didn't have a good enough ventilation system which would definitely help with that. And then to put the cherry on top of this whole situation, the day that I checked in the AC wasn't working properly in my room so they had someone come out and check it. Whatever he did, didn't fix it and they didn't seem to care after my repeated calls. Then to top it off, the day before I left, I walked into my room and was met by a rather large puddle of water, WHERE THE AC HAD DRIPPED ALL OVER THE FLOOR! So for the next 3 hours I had a maintenance person in my room working while I am trying to work myself. I was never asked by the staff on either of these instances if there was anything that they could do to make my stay better and I can guarantee that I will never stay at this hotel again. I'm not sure that I will ever stay at another Best Western again, actually! I don't think I have ever given such a bad review of any place that I have ever been!!!!!