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Restaurant @ PT's Gold - East Silverado Ranch 1
"Tracie Sirirom"
We never have a good experience at PTs. The only reason we stayed for a beer was so my husband could use the William Hill betting machine for Sunday football. It took about 10 minutes to get a beer. The bartender walked by us about 10 times before that. Then, we asked to have a TV changed for a game and had to ask multiple times because she kept putting the wrong game on. We were never offered another drink, and the bartender used the F-word more times than I can count. Now I expect that occasionally fron fans watching a game but not consistently from a bartender. It took a while to get our check so we could leave. The bar was not crowded. The bartender's lack of attention and organizational skills only reinforced why we avoid PTs. William Hill needs to seriously think about partnering with another company for their machines.