Crystal Bay Steak & Lobster House Crystal Bay Steak & Lobster House
Restaurant @ Crystal Bay Club Casino
"Myk Niki"
I’m rating the HOTEL it’s disgusting. Worn out furniture, old bath room sinks, carpet has pieces missing, there was a strange odor in my room and vaguely reminded me of vomit. A whole can of Lysol would not make my room habitable. The hotel across the street is in the same condition, disgusting Our whole group of 15 people checked out and went to the Hyatt 4 miles down the road. I had a chance encounter with the bread delivery guy @ 4am this morning. White guy, skinny, scraggly dirty blonde shoulderlength hair, in need of some personal hygiene. He was driving a white van passing the company van delivery three bread trays of the premade bread. I am so happy that we switched hotels can you imagine if his hygiene is like that what the hygiene of the cook that prepared the bread is an his hands look like.