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Restaurant @ Harrah's Louisiana Downs
"K M"
Atmosphere was ok, and while our stop was at an off time (arriving at 6am/Sun), there were still a good number of people there playing the slots. However, what folks wish to know is if anyone was winning anything.....and my observation was they were not. I saw no bonuses being hit, no pots (large or small) being hit, and generally a lot of people feeding machines with whatever amount they chose to gamble being quickly sucked up without any payback that would sustain play for any number of pulls beyond the what their cash in would pay for. I'm sure they enjoyed our stopping by, but we found little fun in doing so. This seemed to be the consensus of all we spoke with while at this casino as well. On an entertainment scale of 1 to 5, I personally feel that a score of 0 is an overstatement on their behalf.