Wickiup Buffet Wickiup Buffet
Restaurant @ Apache Gold Casino Resort
"Evelyn Akua"
Mr. Pennington is wrong! He cannot even spell. Everyone, let me tell you the truth. These are the facts, as I experienced them. The Apache Gold Casino and Resort is a five star, most pleasant, beautiful getaway from the big city. The hotel rooms are quiet, clean and very nice. Staff at the hotel, restaurant and casino are very welcoming, gracious, professional and hospitable. The pool is beautiful, especially under the stars, which shine brighter than in the city. The casino is a fun, sparkling place, and it seems there is always a big time winner. The entertainment is always good - top bands, although the management needs to bring reggae back!! The first reggae show in the golf course was the best ever!! While I do not golf, I do like walking the course - it is beautiful and situated among rolling hills filled with wild birds, and spectacular vistas. All in all, God bless the San Carlos Apache Tribe for their most excellent get away. I will come back often and I encourage all my friends to do so.