Johnnie Sanders
Palace Casino Palace Casino
Edmonton, Alberta
"Johnnie Sanders"
My foot is broke & everyone has been so patient & helpful. The pool area is incredible. I was only able to go each day after handling work related issues. I enjoyed the brief times at the pool. A couple of disappointing things are #1 The first day during "happy hour" so ordered a burger & never recieved it. I told the manager the next day & she was like you should have told me yesterday. #2 Out of the blue this horrible storm happened & I was trapped (broke foot) so I needed some assistance & the manager that day basically told me I would have to wait it out. I would have thought she would have called for some assistance. The great things Are #1 the pool staff are AWESOME. The servers were great & the bartender was super. My room was clean& housekeeping was very accommodating. When checking in to the hotel Nick was so very kind & helpful. During my stay I needed a couple of items & the ladies in the gift shop literally went beyond whatever duties that were expected of them to help me. Nick at the front desk was so kind as was the woman in the gift shop that I tipped them when leaving!!!