Seasons Fresh Buffet Seasons Fresh Buffet
Restaurant @ Barona Resort & Casino
"erica zamora"
Well where do I start... Barona was my favorite place to go. I went for my birthday celebration I waited in line for almost two hours with a hungry tummy and to find out the prices went up. The food is delicious but after the price change 08/01/17 I have not stepped foot. I was hoping they would go back to the prices they originally had.i would go every other month. Now I have to save up just for a meal and the drive up there is not worth it. I get it ...they had huge lines to get into the buffet but I don’t know if it still gets as packed. I feel like they lost a lot of business because the majority of the comments are of those that use to love it there and will not be returning such as myself. No good. 44.99 is too expensive for a buffet. Please reconsider the prices so I can go back and enjoy it as I use to.