Restaurant @ French Lick Resort & Casino
"Dirk Titus"
Visited 24 Mar18, good food, good service and an enjoyable dinner/evening with friends; two on their first visit to French Lick. Imagine our surprise when our bill included a 15% service charge, as Paige explained, that wasn't a mandatory gratuity. What service were we being charged ?? Do 2 or 4 person tables turn over that much faster?? There was always an open table during our visit. And when we were finished there was no one waiting to replace our party. Do you not want us to bring friends to your establishment? do we just have to limit the number we would bring with us? I could understand a mandatory 15% (or 20%) included gratuity on large parties (is 6 people really a large party?) but our server stated this was NOT a gratuity. In reviewing your menu on line the 15% service charge is stated. I guess I'll have to chalk this up to a learning experience; fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. In the future, IF I choose to use your establishment, it will in a party of 4 or less ( maybe we will do two tables of 3). Maybe is the key word......