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May 20 '18 at 23:27

Over the years this casino has gone downhill. There is never anybody around for assistance when you need it. Also never attempted to go to this place on the weekend. It is excessively packed. It even looks like it might be filled to overcapacity at times where it would pose a safety issue. If there was ever a fire or an emergency there would be such a huge stampede of people where you would be trampled over and severely injured. Also, the payouts at this casino are absolutely terrible. The variety of slot machines sucks compared to what it used to be. A lot of low denominations and everything is multi line. If you do not play max credits you will never win anything. Also if you’re wanting to play tables good luck! You will not get a table on a weekend. Also some of the people that go there are some of the most selfish rude inconsiderate people. Playing two or three machines when it’s extremely busy. As far as the buffet goes, it’s not open All day long. It is close for about 1-2 hours in between breakfast lunch and dinner. They are very limited times for the buffet.