Mountain Bar At The Wild Wild West Mountain Bar At The Wild Wild West
Restaurant @ Bally's Atlantic City
"John Doe"
No longer a country theme, but still one of the liveliest places to enjoy AC nightlife. They basically combined the Mountain Bar and Boardwalk Saloon in the front, as one large venue. Draft beers are about $2.50. I was here last Thurs and Fri night. On Thursday night, there was a live 80's rock band who were really good. Many sloppy drunks making out with each other, but overall a very fun atmosphere. No Cover charge either. On Friday night, band wasn't as good and did a lot of 90's pop music. The crowd wasn't as crazy, but still very lively. Basically feels like you're in a club without the BS of paying a cover or dressing fancy. My only suggestion is they should add a country music night either on a Tues or Wed perhaps. It would be nice to have at least one night dedicated to a Wild West theme again. .