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Restaurant @ Margaritaville Resort Casino Bossier City
"Jonathan Evans"
This is the only reason why I'm giving it at three star review... I stayed there coming back from a long trip. The room is fine the gambling was great. But... I was basically charged 3 times for the room I stayed in. It came to the point that they have to bring out the manager and she try to tell me that I paid for two nights when I only pay for one and I only slept for 6 hours. At the end of it I only paid for my one night that I stayed. But the confusement got me so aggravated. I do understand that mistakes happen but the customer is always right. I wasn't trying to get it free room out of them or whatever they thought I was trying to do. They didn't even read over the paperwork from the reservation I made at 12 that night saying that I would be getting in late and that I would only need the room for one night. If they only would have taken care of that from the beginning and seen the information instead of assuming that I tried to get a free room. They would not be getting 3 stars right now... But like I said the room was fine. And the gambling was good. I just wish I had better customer service.