Aqueduct Buffet Aqueduct Buffet
Restaurant @ Resorts World Casino New York City
"Angela Cooke"
Very disappointed at this casino. Let's start with the parking which is very close to the JFK long term airport parking lots. If you want to valet park the fee is $20.00 which is the most expensive valet I have ever seen. To park yourself you will have to walk pretty far because the lots are huge. Upon entering there are security guards that check inside your purse and then you can proceed to the escalator which will take you to either of the 2 casino levels. Both levels are non-smoking and very loud. There is a large variety of slot machines and automated table games. This casino also has a large horse race track. The inside is very crowded and quite dirty, the slots were sticky and even the slot screens had splashes of dried liquid on them as well as the machine buttons were sticky. The entire floor was also dirty and the chairs at the slots are old and made of some kind of fake leather that has worn to the point of cracking which is very uncomfortable to sit on. There are a few restaurants and a food court which has Popeye's Chicken, an Asian/Chinese food place, a burger place, an ice cream shoppe, and a bakery shop with excellent cupcakes. The food court is nothing short of filthy, I found myself rummaging through my purse to find disinfectant wipes to clean off the table before we sat down. There are food dishes and wrappers strewn about. Now the absolutely most disgusting bathrooms I have ever seen in a casino. The food court ladies room has only 3 stalls which had apparently overflowed and there was wet toilet paper in piles on the floor of all 3 stalls. It was nothing short of gross. If you are looking for a sparkling Vegas style casino, this is not the place to go! Side note, within days of my visit I contracted pneumonia, I totally believe I caught it here as it is the germiest, dirtiest casino I have ever visited. Also I actually saw 2 people spit on the carpet.