Terra Vista Terra Vista
Restaurant @ Snoqualmie Casino
"J dub"
Great steak, horrible atmosphere. I'd love to give Vista 5 stars, the steaks are certainly worth it. However, due to the vicinity of the games, open doors and lack of air flow and filtration, the restaurant reeks like an old ashtray. It's disgusting. I realize casinos are smoky but It's so bad it made me nauseous halfway through our meal. Even when I used to smoke, I never felt like tasting an ashtray, especially when paying $450+ for a meal for 4. I'd love to go back and get another steak but I'm not sure if I can stomach it. What really gets me is that this issue is a relatively easy fix with proper ventilation and air pressure. Vegas casinos do it. But they choose to spend their ridiculous profits on advertising. I don't know how the staff deals with it, I hope they have good health insurance. Hope they address this, I'd dine there at least twice a month because I live right down the street.