Terra Vista Terra Vista
Restaurant @ Snoqualmie Casino
"Chris Petrovich"
This is the last review you'll ever need about this place. I am not one to listen to reviews of restaurants or movies. Everyone has their own opinion, and we like what we like. Plus, some people just have a level of expectation that far exceeds reality, and find the need to complain when it's not met. This is not that kind of review. I booked a large party of friends for a special night at Terra Vista this last Saturday. Initially, I was concerned with my choice due to some miscommunication over the phone with the reservation. My concerns had me researching sites like this for reviews, which made me even MORE nervous reading some of the bad reviews. This miscomm was quickly cleared up, was partially my error, and my confidence was restored. When we arrived, we were greeted immediately, and treated like KINGS. The food is outstanding. The wine selection is superb, the service is on par with what you'd expect from John Howie, The Met, or Daniels. All I can say on service is, request HENRY. I could write an entire review on Henry alone. This man is extremely knowledgeable, and you can tell he loved his job and takes great pride in his craft. Honestly one of the best server's I've experienced, and I used to manage restaurants in Seattle. The Chateaubriand was perfect. The Ribeye was succulent. The Caesar Salad is made table side with your choice of anchovies. The ambiance was perfect, with an extremely talented and pleasant woman playing a guitar. The manager greeted us and shook our hands. Another big item for me is not to be overwhelmed with service staff, and these guys are on top of their game. Our table was never cluttered, yet I don't recall ever seeing anyone collecting plates. They are like little magic elves!! :) I've read a ton of bad reviews on Terra Vista, and I do not understand what these people were expecting, and as I said previously, if their expectations are even achievable. Do yourself a favor and come visit this place on an early evening, take in the breathtaking views of the Valley, and treat yourself to an incredible meal with an incredible staff. Thank you TV! I look forward to our next visit.