Cafe Drip Cafe Drip
Restaurant @ Snoqualmie Casino
"Justin Wang"
I noticed they lowered the win rate of their slot machines by a fair amount. The food is way overpriced and disappointing for what you would expect, the buffet selection is nearly laughably bad and limited. If they made the win rate decent and improved on the food it might actually be enjoyable to go to, but as it is it's simply not fun, and even infuriating to a high degree. I won't ever be going back and I suggest you not purposely engage in such an ungenerous scam. At least let us have a little fun while we depressingly lose our money, but no they don't even care to do that anymore. It's all shine and no substance now. The greed and smug arrogance is simply offensive, and the experience ultimately a highly negative one. We need to expect more as a people, provide hard feedback, and only then can we improve on things that are problematic and exploitative. We go to casinos to lose money, but we don't expect to be so fiercely taken advantage of and treated with such disrespect. We expect to get some of our monies worth.