Casino Café Casino Café
Restaurant @ 7th Street Casino
"Rhonda James"
Gave this places numerous chances and This still is the worst casino I have been too. I tell everyone I know to go elsewhere not to waste their money or time on this place.only certain people win there . this place has lost a lot of regular customers and they obviously DO NOT CARE. IT IS MORE OF A GATHERING PLACE FOR SOCIALIZING AND DRINKING INSTEAD OF GAMBLING. YOU ALSO HAVE MOOCHERS WALKING AROUNG TRYING TOO GET MONEY FROM PEOPLE AND THE WORKERS DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS. HELLO ARGOSY & ISLE OF CAPRI AND GOODBYE 7TH STREET.ITS A SHAME YOU DONT TAKE CARE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS WHO IS ALWAYS COMING INTO GAMBLE. INSTEAD OF COMING INTO DRINK AND SICIALIZE