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Mar 26 '18 at 13:47
My family eats here a lot. The food is always good. Really good! From portions to taste. We always request the same server because he is knowledgeable of the food and menu and just a pleasant fella. My family makes reservation so we are sure to get our server we like so much and a good table. This last time we made reservations we showed up at the restaurant and the lady hostess sat us at the worse table in the restaurant. This is the second time we were seated at this table. I asked the hostess if we could have a different table, and she "didn't answer" me at first. I asked her again, she just knotted her head "no". I said can you ask someone she said "hold on. Came right back and said "No". Mind you, there were 4 open tables around us. We are only a family of five. This hostess does not like to wear a smile either. Then the water girl came up behind my chair to full my water glass and spilled water on my head. The water girl didn't even say sorry and just walked away without filling the rest of the guest water at the table. As she was walking away I asked her to fill the rest of the water and she gave me a dirty look and walked away. I said to the rest of my family "do you see way I don't like sitting at this table". They agreed. Other then the service being unfriendly....except our server, like I said he's amazing. All I can really say about my last dinner here was the "FOOD WAS GOOD, that's it". Being in the restaurant and beverage industry it's only right to be able to accommodate the guest in a friendly way. Especially regulars!