Willows Willows
Restaurant @ Riverwind Casino
"eri n"
Hotel room was great! Very clean. The casino was decent. The membership sign up was down our first night. Things happen, not a huge deal! We were able to sign up the next morning. The hotel staff was super friendly. A few of the casino staff seemed put off by answering simple questions. We all have bad days at work, including me, so I try to keep those things in mind. Josh at the bar was great, and two of the girls whose names I can't remember, were very sweet. Overall, we had a great time. 😊 We are 100% aware that you allow smoking, so we expected it. But it smelled pretty bad in the casino. One of the reasons I used to love going there, was that it always smelled somewhat clean, even with the smoking. We get that it's probably just built up so much over time. Thank you again for everything!