Arthur Bryant's Arthur Bryant's
Restaurant @ Ameristar Casino Hotel - Kansas City
"Samantha Johnson"
We had the half slab, and two meat combo sandwich with brisket and pulled pork, and sides of fries and coleslaw. And HOLY $&@# at the portions. It was enough to feed a small country. The ribs were awesome. Great wood smoked flavor and super tender. The pulled pork was saucy and moist, and the brisket had that same great wood smoke flavor as the ribs. The fries had good flavor, and the coleslaw was perfect for putting on a pulled pork sandwich. Super creamy and just a little runny so it mixes into the pork. Yum. The sauces were good with Original being the preferred and Sweet Heat a close runner up. Things we weren’t 100% on; just not a huge fan of thin sliced brisket because we feel like it’s a way to disguise dry meat, and it takes away from the overall flavor and texture. The pork was great, but I’d rather be able to taste the meat first and add sauce myself, and while fries had good flavor, they were a little soft for me. I would prefer them more crispy. (Again these things are personal preference, not a real complaint). This was the best BBQ we have had in a long time. If this is what we had up in WA state, I would not be upset.