Arthur Bryant's Arthur Bryant's
Restaurant @ Ameristar Casino Hotel - Kansas City
"Ben Jackson"
Arthur Bryant’s is a staple of Kansas City BBQ. It’s been a place that you can’t miss as a tourists, especially if you want to experience why our local BBQ is world renown. As a KC naive, I go about every six months when family or friends are in town. Upon my most recent visit with some friends from Florida, I was utterly embarrassed about the service. My wife ordered ribs and the man behind the counter very rudely told her they were out. I wasn’t a huge fan of the way he talked to my wife but no problem, I thought to myself. Maybe he was having a bad day. My wife proceeded to order something else on the menu. The man behind the counter barked back at her saying they’ve been out of that for hours and if she would have been paying attention to the person ordering in front of her, she would have known that. My wife and I were both shocked that he would talk to anyone like that, much less a customer. It was embarrassing to be treated like that in front of our friends and embarrassing to speak so highly of a place (as we were driving there) only to be treated like that. The reason I’m still giving them three starts is because Arthur Bryant is a KC tradition and I really, really want to give them the benefit of a doubt. I hope our latest experience there was an anomaly but it might be smart to prepare for some attitude as you deal with the staff.