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Feb 13 '18 at 16:17

The Buffet

I expected the wait times would be long on a Friday night at the crab buffet , but after waiting for over an hour. I was highly disappointed in the buffet itself. Besides the smell... Yes. I know it was seafood night. The food just did not taste good to me. The fried cod was greasy, the baked chicken had an old taste to it. The taco meat served at the Latin buffet was cold. The big let down was the crabs. They were not scrubbed and cleaned before they were steamed and served. There was visible feces on most of the crab which almost killed my appetite. Luckily, prime rib was also being served and it taste pretty good, so the $70 my Husband and I spent did not go to a total waste . It was mediocre and reminded me why I stopped dining at buffets.