Roxy's Diner
Restaurant @ Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower
"Evan Reviews"
Let me tell you what! This place was ridiculously bomb! We were blessed with stumbling upon it due to it being in our hotel, lol. I could see it being easy to miss if you’re not staying at the stratosphere, so I wanna put the word out, you need to scope this place!

 Their food is so delicious, I got the house burger the first time (yes, I had to go back), I don’t even know how to perfectly describe the party of fantastical tastes in my mouth, I have never encountered anything like that before in my life, and sadly I don’t think I ever will again. There fries are seriously top notch as well, could get a basket of em as a meal, lol. The second time was breakfast, I got the French Toast Breakfast Sandwich, and I highly, highly, highly recommend it, personally I love French toast, one of my favorite foods ever, so this was a real treat to help me get over losing all that money in that darn Britney Spears machine down the way. Seriously though, if you’re eating breakfast here, GET THE FRENCH TOAST SAMMY!! (my mouths watering just thinking about it!). The Hash-browns, like the fries, were on point! The atmosphere is awesome, not loud at all, spacious, within an awesome 50’s retro diner, I love a good diner, and boy oh boy is this a good diner. The facilities are clean and the staff are super nice and really funny, wish I knew the guys name that waited on his, he was a super cool guy. All in all, this place ended up being one of my favorite spots in Vegas, don’t take my word for it though, go check it out!