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May 9 '18 at 4:25

Westside Deli

Gorilla Bronson
This was the worst experience. It was my families first ever experience of Las Vegas and I recommend we stay at circus circus because growing up in Vegas as a kid I thought it was the best hotel on the strip. I was exciting to show my son and wife a great time in Vegas we check in to a surprise fee when I called to verify the reservations I was told we only needed to pay 168 let’s just say when it was all said and done we paid closer to 300 for who knows what. We check in thinking we are staying in the casino but no another surprise we are sent across the street to why seemed like an apartment complex with beer bottles all over the parking lot people sitting by room windows smoking cigarettes roaming around through cars with so sign of security we get in the room and there’s a horrible smell coming from it the floor we stayed on had a strong smell of marijuana which was upsetting because I had my 1 year old daughter and 5 year old son with us. We spend time walking the strip we get back to the room around 9 we are walking through the parking lot and there are empty beer bottles next to my vehicle and guys smoking weed next to it once again no security in sight. The next night we decide to go to the midway upstairs in the casino and we spend 20 minutes waiting on an employee to fix an issue with the ticket machine we were told they will come help us after helping another guest and we watch that employee help multiple guest while we are patiently waiting for 20 minutes to fix our issue. When we are checking out what do you know another surprise 90 dollar fee. This was a horrible experience I was so embarrassed to have made dish a big deal about this casino to my wife and telling my son how fun it would be and it ended up being a nightmare. Would not recommend would definitely look elsewhere.