Hawk's Tavern Hawk's Tavern
Restaurant @ Red Hawk Casino
"Nu Vistic"
I don't gamble; ... my wife does. So I'm usually just a tag along. My wife's happiness is important to me. I must say Red Hawk is set up very nicely, with beautiful artwork and picturesque views. Though I am disappointed in the lack of change in displayed artwork. Escalators and an elevator take you down one level to a waitress style restaurant, a buffet, bar (with convenience items), and a non-smoking slot machine section. I LOVE THEIR FRENCH FRIES. If you go down and get off the escalator to the right, you can walk to the hostess station and order food to go. Ask for an order of French Fries to go. They aren't greasy at all. Mmmmm !!! For me, the Fries are the highlight of my visit, a tradition. February 2018 and before: The atmosphere at Red Hawk was NOT centered on getting every buck from you. You still lost everything on slots, like all casinos. But you could play a while just for the enjoyment factor. May 2018: Red Hawk changed their slots payouts. You won't play long before being wiped out. We've gone several times, but my wife can't play at all before losing her game money. I hate seeing her disappointing expression, when she came to have fun. Thunder Valley Casino as another example of money hungry. Everything at Thunder Valley is designed not for entertainment, but to take money from you. The elevated fast food prices, the lack of style ... wife puts money in slots and can't even play for a little while. The building from a distance looks like a mobile home and underpinning; no style at all, no artistic effort, one purpose to give back as little as possible. On the other side is Red Hawk Casino. Beautiful, feeding the emotional soul. Connected to nature, balancing harmony, my wife used to play for hours, activities are always going on, the cost of food to stay is reasonable ... For someone that does not gamble, I used to enjoy Red Hawk casino. Now to bring happiness to my wife, I am travelling to other casinos. So far, Cash Creek and a casino up in Grass Valley are better at bringing her smiles. Guidepost.us