Brindles Restaurant Brindles Restaurant
Restaurant @ Valley Race Park
"A Fern"
I took my mom here to eat recently because she has been craving meatloaf and I got a burger. When I asked if they had blue cheese my server said they did but what she brought me instead was blue cheese dressing in a little container which is totally different! I asked for blue cheese on my burger but I was sadly disappointed. The dressing sucked and I'm not going to put dressing on the burger. My mom's meatloaf grossed me out and didn't leave her desiring to come back for more. It had these little unidentifiable pieces of I don't know what it was... were they some type of sinew or unidentifiable legumes? Who knows, but it grossed her out she only ate half of it and she only ate it because she was very hungry. We're the type of people that don't complain we just don't come back. We don't like making a big deal although it's true we are paying for it so we do have a right to ask for something else. Other than that I do like the store that's there, we did some shopping and I like the old timey decor.