Kevin Bailey
Isle of Capri Casino and Hotel - Boonville Isle of Capri Casino and Hotel - Boonville
Boonville, Missouri
"Kevin Bailey"
Went there many time to play slots. Do not waste your money here the slots are tight. They do have events where people do win some stuff. So the slots are tightened up to pay for that. Have no plans of going back Have been going there about 4 years maybe once every 2 months.Never had any luck my own fault for going. You can loose 500.00 dollars real fast. Talk to others there . Have never talked to anyone who was ahead at the casino some had won some but gave it back. Best to stay away that is the only way you come out a winner is not going. These places were not built on winners. All the lights loud music and prize giveaways is just to distract you to spend more. And they really like getting in the pockets of the senior citizens. Find out for yourself just talk to some of the other slot players ask if they are ahead are not You already know the answer . They can say they give out a certain percent if they want. That also includes the cars they give away and other stuff. You have as much of a chance winning the lottery as coming out ahead in this place. Your best bet is to keep your money in your pocket or the bank. Its never fun to lose So my advice do not give them your money. They will never get anymore of mine. I have set in there before and and put many dollars in a machine with no hits at all. I am not the only one And yes that was my fault. If you have been in there you know what I am talking about. Best advice stay away keep your cash .