jason molidor
Five Star Tavern 56
Las Vegas, Nevada
"jason molidor"
Star Tavern is one of those place you see on a wide variety of TV shows. It is the quintessential New Jersey Tavern style pizza. This was my first trip here. It was insanely crowded, being a little before dinner hour we did get seated right away, but the line for tables grew immensely and by 5:30 was really long. We had a red spinach, a pesto, a pepperoni, and a three cheese (with added hot peppers and onions). The pesto was my favorite, the red spinach was my wife's favorite. The pepperoni was easily the most photogenic. The crust was crisp and held up to the toppings. Despite being so famous, the pub retains all of its authenticity. It is pretty amazing. If you're even remotely close, you should hit this place up. Sooooo good! Barbara was our server and she was incredible. If I lived nearby, I'd be here all the time!