Jeff Greatorex
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"Jeff Greatorex"
The pool is great, dealers are kind, & there are great places to eat. However, The Mirage as a hotel has a lot to work on to show they care about guest experience. My friend visited us for one night, and we left their dog in our room for an hour while we got lunch. $125 charge. On another stay, we asked if we could extend checkout by 30 Minutes & were told we’d need to pay $40-$80. After we were dined near the pool, I asked the waiter to charge it to the room. He came back and apologetically said he wasn’t allowed to - the hotel won’t let him. I had to run back to my room to get my card & pay. We stopped by the front desk later to ask why, and they had no explanation and said we could. We tried again the next day and couldn’t. Again, no explanation.