Robert's Buffet
Restaurant @ Riverside Casino & Golf Resort
"Ted Mall"
Inside Rhythm City Casino and Resort, Robert's Buffet is one of the restaurant on the campus, serving all you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was there for the dinner. Basically, it is a nice clean and well appointed space with very good to excellent service but only mediocre food and food service, except for desserts. During the International Day emphasis, there were only a few cliche international dishes (Chinese, Mexican, Italian) supplemented by all American favorites of mediocre quality. Good vegetarian or seafood dishes were sadly lacking. Salad bar was subpar. At most of the serving stations when I asked about the dish, they said it was very good. When I asked if they had tried it, they told me no. So no personal experience with the dishes, just a corporate expectation to extol the virtues of their offering. Refills at the service stations were slow and seldom. The dessert station, on the other hand was full of great dishes with a few mediocre exceptions. The gelato display was very nice with great service but the gelato itself had only distant resemblance to its worthy origin. Basically you don't have much of a choice at the resort. Either, it is this buffet or the another pub food outlet. If you want to splurge, there's Ruth's steak house on sixth floor. Robert's is likely the result of being the lowest common denominator and therefore, predictably mediocre. One visit there could be enjoyable, it is not repeat worthy, however.