PT's Gold
Restaurant @ PT's Gold - North Las Vegas
"Chris Bush"
Wife and I just walked out. I got here 20 min ago and sat at a table. No one greeted me. No one came to ask if I wanted a menu... wanted a drink. Bar is kinda full but they have 2 or 3girls running the bar area. Not a word from any of them. My wife comes in and sits at the table with me. Another 10 min goes by and I can see the blonde bartender looking back she doesnt say anything. Maybe they dont Serbs tables.... even thought they have every other night I have been here. Not a word. We walked out I hear the other girl say I think they are leaving. I cant be positive but zi think she said "so" So..?? So I wont come back. There are other places not coming here just means more room in my phone since I can delete your app.