Dizzy Decker
Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Dizzy Decker"
WARNING!!! We were approached by a Company called Diamond Resorts when we got inside of the Stratosphere. They offer you free show and food for listening and trying to get you to invest in their Travel Company. You invest for life with fees that can increase yearly by 25%. These people were set up right in the Stratosphere and allowed to sucker vacationers into this horrible deal! We went just to see what this was all about to get a free show/food. Do NOT Sign up for Diamond Resorts if you go! I can not believe this kind of business is legal it should NOT be! They turned our entire vacation into work researching their company. Those who signed up I feel so sorry for you. Notice No prices are listed at any hotel that's linked with them. They hide prices also very shady!!