Kim Tran
Barcel� San Jos� Palacio Spa & Casino Barcel� San Jos� Palacio Spa & Casino
San Jose
"Kim Tran"
It’s my family’s first time in Costa Rica. The room view was disappointing—but at least there’s a balcony to stare at the roof. The gardens & pool are wonderful. The staff is mostly nice, except the one at the gym. I was trying to figure out some machines and trying to ask for help— he said he doesn’t speak or understand English and pretty much went about his business and tried to ignore me. Most places will at least try to help the guest or get the front desk person to help. I managed to put as much Spanish as I could muster “Ayudarme, no comprende la machina Por favor. Mira por favor.” So he finally decided to come look. I just hadn’t pulled a knob far enough up. Aside from that, room service is great. The kids love the variety of options for the breakfast and dinner buffet. The artwork on the walls are nice too.