Fresh Harvest Fresh Harvest
Restaurant @ Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa
"Emilee Lewis"
In general a good place to go for the casino and restaurant. They have changed so many policies lately though which is why I only gave three stars. To start with we used to get rewards all the time in the mail, free dinner, or free slot play or in general giveaways they have. They no longer sent anything like this, which was a great reason for me to drive all the way from Orlando. Also the Fresh Harvest Buffet is now a 90 minute dining time. If you go with a big party and everyone is chatting it's not long enough. We went with 4 of us and we left just at the 90 minute mark. Although from the reviews I have read if you stay after the 90 minutes you will be asked to leave, since hearing that I will not chose this location for anytime of future party or friendly gatherings that we feel we have to eat and be rushed. Hopefully they will see the bad reviews in general and think about changing the policies.