Blue Bayou Bar & Grill Blue Bayou Bar & Grill
Restaurant @ Silver Slipper Casino
"toby dog"
This review applies to the buffet only. The casino was fun even if the payouts seemed low. With high expectations after seeing reviews we were horribly disappointed. The line moved fairly quickly but it still took us almost an hour to be seated. Most casinos have at least triple the seating. The place was filthy in the seating areas. Fluid spilled on floor went untouched, and we didn't dare touch any horizontal service after the first one was so sticky I almost didn't get my hand back. The table staff never checked back with us, I had to go hunt somebody down to get my ice tea refilled. Anything fried had so much breading on it you couldn't find the food inside. The crab legs were mostly empty, the steamed shrimp were overdone repeatedly, and other offerings were minimal. The beef was OK, and the deserts were good. The cook staff was friendly and attentive but I wish I hadn't tipped the waitress at time of purchase. I guess she figured she got hers so the heck with us. The only person on the floor doing their job was a young man busing tables, I thanked him and tipped him. He never stopped working the whole time we were there. I can not understand that they were ever voted the best in MS with all of the great buffets in Biloxi. Stay away.