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May 20 '18 at 3:52

Rapids Deli

We were driving through-my husband, there kids, and I. We stopped and ate at the restaurant. The casino is very small, with a little restaurant/bar. The employers were so/so regarding friendliness. The food was basic bland and middle of the road pricing. I tried the poker machine, (no sounds of winning in the whole place). There are three blackjack tables only and the workers look just sit there staring at you. I literally turned and walked away because it was that uncomfortable to be stared at so hard by them. Noone in the whole place smiled. No customers were smiling and laughing together. The machines are right as all get out. The place smelled like an old ashtray. There is a lodging that looks like it's eventually going to be built. Why though? I will give it to the restaurant, they were at least trying to hide their misery. Go, but no great expectations.