Ping Pang Pong Ping Pang Pong
Restaurant @ Gold Coast Hotel and Casino
"Joe Tate Sr"
This place used to be my favorite stop when I'd visit family in Las Vegas. When I finally moved back I was disappointed to see that their quality of service had dropped a bit since their remodel. I feel like they expand the number of tables without adding help. The servers never slow down, never stand idle, but ordering food took us 15 minutes of waiting... There was no line to get in and the place wasn't full. Twice I've had this issue since the remodel. Maybe I got unlucky and came both times with a waiter called out; however, I've heard from family they experience the same degraded service attention and extended wait times. Expect to wait 45-60 minutes to get your food. It's still friendly and good food, just a bit slow for the cuisine and location expectations.