Slice House Pizza Slice House Pizza
Restaurant @ Graton Resort & Casino
"Calvin Chang"
Pizza is great! And they took it 1 step further with their service. I ordered two pizzas on Caviar, but they messed up on the toppings on one of them. I then called Slice House directly about the mistake and the person on the phone was extremely apologetic and offered to make it up. The General Manager himself came to my office to hand deliver a whole new pizza done correctly! And since the elevator was broken, he had to climb 5 flights of stairs to get to us, and he made no fuss. Instead, he apologized for their previous mistake again. They own up to what they do. You only see that when people stand up for quality of their work - in this case, both food and service. Great pizza and a class act in service. Many other restaurants can and should learn from their example on how to rectify mistakes.