Rob Dean
Bonanza Saloon and Gaming
Virginia City, Nevada
"Rob Dean"
Should be a 3.5 and I'll explain why. Very clean hotel, polite service, food overall very good. Bad points. Swimming pool so cold end of May 2018 almost unusable bare the very very brave, towel service only available between 9am and 11am for the pool, why? We stayed all inclusive but its not all inclusive, 2x seperate bar menus for drinks, one for all inclusive and one for drinks you have to pay for, RIU thats not all inclusive! Thats misadvertising. Also no pool service, they come and collect empty drinks but dont offer refills/drinks service, they do in Mexico at the RIU??!! Bulgaria seems to be a poor mans version of all inclusive although the word all really needs removing from this statement. Dont get me wrong its a nice holiday that cold have been so much better if the above issues were resolved, for me however the RIU in Balgaria missed the mark, back to the Mexico or Jamica, Cuba, Domincan for me next year where they seem to get it right albeit at a slightly higher price point. Overall 3.5/5