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May 12 '18 at 13:26

Beach Blvd Steamer

Kim Heacock
Allergy sufferers beware! As a non-smoker and an infrequent gambler, I normally do not visit casino hotels unless I am attending business conventions. I am very familiar with the unpleasantness I experience while walking through the casino to my room. However, in the six or seven casino hotels I’ve stayed at previously, the allergens never permeated the rooms. I would like to point out that many, many people have no problem with air quality… but I feel it necessary to warn anyone who suffers from allergies or asthma to avoid this hotel. Enjoying a road trip with my sister, we decided to stop here for a couple of nights. The building itself seemed clean and the staff was friendly. However, there were hairs left in the shower and for some reason the valet employees do not open doors, greet, or help with baggage. Out of the four times we used the valet, only the gentleman at our departure assisted us. I wasn’t sure if it was company policy to not help and we got a good one… Or it is company policy to help, but all the other times we got bad ones. Had the only exceptions been the shower hair and valet, I would not be writing this review. However, their air quality is such that we cut our road trip short and I am returning home a day early to recuperate.