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Restaurant @ Belle of Baton Rouge Casino
"Phil Tokarz"
Many of the floor staff, the slot techs and the servers are very good. Certain security staff are great too. But a good majority of the younger security staff are basically worthless. Most of the younger servers would rather talk with the younger security staff than do their job. Much of the clientele are rude and obnoxious as well. The food is average at best and food service is terrible. The parking lot stinks of urine and illegal parking is the norm. It appears that the Belle is money hungry and will tolerate any manner of behavior, so long as they can get into your wallet. It's sad to see how far this place has declined in the past 5 years. Don't go out of your way to visit this place. Regarding the alleged Belle response -This review isn't a summary of my "last" experience, but a summary of the overall decline of a once favored gaming spot in Baton Rouge. The regression of quality became obvious about 2-3 years ago and your facility has gone steadily and swiftly downhill ever since. Your "upgrades" are quite a mystery, as little if anything has changed since the conversion of the old Butler's Pantry quick-bite shop to the new, larger, but inferior quality food served in the new snack shop. The parking issues, both the illegal yet tolerated car parking and the overall evening safety of the parking garage are simply not tolerable. Granted, you've managed to eliminate most of the street-people from the casino floor and I'll give you your props for that improvement. But the general condition of the facility is a joke, including broken plumbing in the restrooms, elevator issues in the garage AND on the boat, HVAC with a mind of its own on the promenade, the lost and as of yet to be replaced main restaurant (Shuck's on the Levee)… you want more??? On the bright side, you're in the same "boat" as your friends up the river at the Hollywood Gambling Pit. My guess is that with the new ownership, neither one of you is destined to exist much longer. I only feel badly for those employees who are close to retirement, as they are basically the only decent staff members you have, save 2-3 of the older servers. As previously stated, your younger staff doesn't know how to or just doesn't care to work, but that's common to the age group. As service and standards continue to decline, so will your revenues. I doubt if relocating the gaming floor into the Atrium, with it's leaking roof and even harder to reach location is going to save your bacon.